Let us help you squeeze more Jouzz from your business processes

There are times when you need to support some of your business processes with an automated solution. You have managed with spreadsheets, so far, but the volume and complexity have grown, and there is an increasing risk of disruption.

You would like to use this change opportunity to benefit from new technologies that simplify work, give your teams more mobility, and serve your customers better. You need it to happen quickly, and you need it to meet all of your business requirements.

This is the type of problem we target with our products and services. We can help you automate and improve your business processes with software solutions that meet your needs, help you reduce costs, and let you squeeze more Jouzz from your business.

Software: Workflow and Collaboration

Our workflow and collaboration engine can help you automate your business processes, to gain efficiency, reduce costs, and serve your customers better.


The product is customizable, to fit your exact needs. Our consultants can help you design electronic data entry forms tailored to your processes, with validation rules specific to the user roles that are involved in each step.

Easy to use

There is no need for your users to learn a new way of doing things. Every field on the screen will be relevant to each step of your process, labelled using your terminology, and presented in the language that each user chooses.

Powerful and Scalable

Our software is designed to run on architectures from one to multiple machines, taking full advantage of all available processor cores. This makes it ideal for internal and external clouds, where computing resources are scaled dynamically on demand, with significant savings in cost.


We support Windows PCs, Macs, iPads, and Android tablets. The screens have a modern design, and share the same look and feel on all platforms.

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Software: BI Dashboard

Our BI Dashboard software lets you combine data from multiple sources, and to present it in various ways, to help you discover trends and correlations.


The software can import data from various and diverse data sources. Whether it is you internal databases or ERP system, spreadsheets, or external web resources, the data can be combined and processed to provide meaningful information that enables you to make decisions.

Easy to use

The user interface is simple and intuitive, and can be tailored to use your business terminology. Our interactive charts have a professional look, and you can copy them into your business presentations with just a few clicks.


Your data can be processed and aggregated according to various criteria. You can drill down for more details, and narrow the selection to the specifics that you want to see: all with just a few and intuitive clicks or taps.


Every time you connect to your network, updates to the data are replicated locally to your device for offline viewing. This allows significant savings on mobile data and roaming costs, giving your mobile workforce ubiquitous access to the information they need.

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Services: Consulting

Our consultants have the right project management and business process skills to help you customize our software to meet your business requirements.

Business Minded

All of our consultants have previously served in leadership positions for large corporations, and have experience in business processes across various industries. They specialize in learning about our clients' business problems, and can draw upon their previous experience to suggest ways in which to add value.

They are skilled communicators, who can adapt their messages to their audience, avoiding technical jargon.

Our objective is to help your business reduce costs, gain efficiency, and serve your customers better.

Project Management

Our consultants have deep project management skills, and can help you deliver a successful implementation within time and budget.

They are familiar with diverse project methodologies and can easily adapt to the requirements of your IT organization.

From ideation to completion, they can advise you through every phase of your project, helping you manage the project's plan, resources, and communication, so you can meet milestones within budget, control and mitigate risks, resolve issues, and properly engage and inform stakeholders.

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Services: Operations

Our Operations team can help you run your product, and keep it up to date, adapting it to external and internal changes in requirements.


No business software package is ever "finished and complete". Internal and external factors, such as changes in legislation, customer requirements, technological innovations, business processes and systems will impose the need for modifications.

Our maintenance service helps our clients manage and mitigate the risk of change, by keeping our software up to date with the new requirements.

To help you manage the change request process, we can aid you in the analysis of the business value and impact of each change request, and with their prioritization and allocation into software releases.

Once the software is modified to meet your new requirements, our team will help you with the process of releasing it to your users (testing, training, communication, deployment, etc.).


Our support services help you run your system smoothly, helping you resolve incidents quickly, to minimize their impact on your business.

We operate in a methodological way, adhering to the service levels we agree with our clients.

While our most immediate goal is to resolve incidents quickly, we also analyze the root causes of problems, and propose adequate mitigation measures to our clients.

At our client's option, our team can also take care of the full technical operation of the systems, hosting them at one of our preferred could computing service providers.

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Do you want to know more? Contact us at info@banjouzz.com

Our People


All of our consultants have extensive experience in Information Technology, having led large and complex projects for multinational corporations.

They have process expertise in various industries, can quickly understand the particular business problems of our customers, and speak to them in their terms.

The key traits we look for when hiring are: business-process focus, problem-solving, project management, and clear communication.

Development & Ops

Our software is maintained by the same people who develop it. We have found that this is the best way of serving our customers quickly, and with the best quality.

We hire specialists with deep skills in Scala, Akka, HTML5, CSS3, JS, AngularJS, Adobe Air, and Objective-C, who are used to working with test-oriented development and version control, and who believe that maintaining software is just as important as developing it.

Join Us

Are you an experienced, business-minded, project manager with a proven track of delivering successful IT projects for large and complex organizations?

Or, do you have deep technical expertise, and a passion for learning new technologies and contributing to their development in a collaborative, diverse and inclusive environment?

Please send your qualifications to jobs@banjouzz.com

Note to agencies: we absolutely do not subcontract or outsource any type of work. As a policy, we do not respond to any email regarding outsourcing or subcontracting offers.